Hiya, it's your webmaster (Rob Landley) collecting write-ups of Penguicon. If you have any, mail them to rob at landley.net and I'll add them here.

Briefly, we had a little over 500 attendees, and the convention almost exactly broke even financially. We're already organizing Penguicon 2.0, and the organizational meeting for that (and 1.0 post-mortem) will be on May 18th. We learned a lot from how geeks and fen interact (and which of the things that fell through the cracks in our first year turned out to be pretty darn important), and have a huge to-do list for next year. Check out the news section for more details.

Pete Abrams and Illiad collaborated on the program book cover design (which was also used on the t-shirts). I believe Illiad actually drew it, which explains why I got the actual graphic from Pete. :)

Now on with Penguicon 1.0 spotting on the web.

A brief mention of us showed up on sluggy (5/12 news thingy at the bottom), with a promise of a full write-up Real Soon Now (tm).

The sluggy mention has now scrolled off, but here's what it said at the time:

Thanks Penguicon! (Trillian, 05/12/03)

Pete and I are back from Penguicon, and despite him contracting yet another mysterious illness, it was a complete and utter blast. We had a great weekend, got to see some old friends like Illiad and Pete's ConFusion lackeys Chad and Rennie, whom I promptly stole for use as my lackeys, and meet a ton of fun and/or famous new people. There were also panels, signings, and hot-tubbing galore. And finally, we can't say enough about how wonderful the con chairs and program head, Tracy Worcester, Rob Landley, and Susan Harris were. They worked incredibly hard to make sure that we had a fantastic time, and it definitely paid off. Thanks again guys! More details to follow in upcoming con report... no, really.

Here are a lot of photos from Freon, head of Ops.

Our Filk guest, Tom Smith, mentioned us briefly in the May 5 entry of his blog. (And back on April 23 and April 7, too.)

The Baen Free Library has a comment section called Baen's Bar, which has sprouted a number of threads on Penguicon, specifically in Eric Flint's Mutter of Demons, Jim baen's Baen's Bar, Publisher's Podium.

Here's a write-up from Jack Bell's Slashdot journal, for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And there was a prequel.

Jay Maynard sent me two very nice links, one to his journal entry on Penguicon, and another to a photo album of Jay wandering around Penguicon with a digital camera.

Illiad put up a Penguicon after action report. A few post-con comments also cropped up here as well.

Eric Raymond wrote about it in his blog.

Oh, and Pratchett still claims not to be a full blooded alpha geek... Yeah , right. Uh-huh. Sure.

Not everybody enjoyed themselves at Penguicon. Presenting the other side is a one of the dealers from the dealer's room, who came down with a cold, pulled a muscle in his leg, and missed out on the free book CD's from Baen.