The 2003 convention is, in point of fact, over. And we haven't actually picked the specific weekend for Penguicon 2.0 yet. So this page won't do you a whole lot of good at the moment, but check back in June or so. The Van Dyke can hold about twice as many people as we had in our first year, so we haven't quite outgrown it yet, we'll probably be back for 2004...

New: Here is the floor plan of the van dyke.

Penguicon will be held at the Van Dyke Park Suites in Warren, Michigan. To book a room, call them directly at 586-939-7995. Be sure to mention Penguicon to get the special discounted nightly room rates below. (It also helps the con get lower costs on function space.) Reserving a room doesn't immediately cost money (you can pay for it when you get there), but it's a darn good idea because at the very least several of the room types are going to be sold out by the time of the event (if not all of them).

Note 1: It has been brought to my attention that not everybody working the Van Dyke's phones knows what the hotel will be doing several months in advance. Just ask to speak to a manager if that happens, they tend to have more of a clue...)

Note 2: We can't yet guarantee that the entire tower area (including many of the standard rooms) will have internet access. We'll do the best we can with wireless hubs, cat5 drops, and parabolic wireless relays, but there's 6 floors to cover. All of the poolside rooms will have wireless 802.11B access, as well as all the function space on the ground floor. Worst case scenario there will be plenty of places on the ground floor to plug in your laptop and check your email, but if you want 24 hour wireless internet in your room itself, it might make sense to grab a poolside room while they last.

Your room options are (per night):

Standard rooms:$72.00
Poolside rooms:$82.00
Tower suites:$92.00
Jacuzzi suites:$102.00
Core suites:$140.00
Presidential suites:$250.00

(The above doesn't include state tax and assessments, which totals about another 13%.)

The hotel's contact information is:

Van Dyke Park Suites
31800 Van Dyke
Warren, MI  48093
Phone:  586-939-7995

According to Tracy, who has run a con in this hotel before:

"Standard rooms are a typical hotel room. Poolside rooms are a typical hotel room looking out onto the pool/atrium area. Tower suites are two room suites in the tower area (which is where consuite is, and the majority of the room parties will be). Core suites are suites with a really, really big parlor (consuite is in a core suite). Presidential suites are two rooms on two different floors connected by a spiral staircase, with a Jacuzzi on one floor. Jacuzzi suites are a standard two room suite with a hot tub."

I would like to point out that Pete Abrams, who has attended a con in this hotel before, offered to spend his own money to upgrade to a Jacuzzi suite. They're that good. Penguicon has since upgraded all of its GOH rooms to Jacuzzi suites, so if you want one too you'd better act fast.