There are four penguicon mailing lists. The general attendee discussion is on the yahoo group penguiconpublic. The yahoo group penguicon-panels is specifically for organizing the five panel tracks we're going to have. Penguicon's administrative stuff happens on the sourceforge list penguicon-general. The Open Source expo side of things has its own list, penguicon-tech. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, or view the archives of the above lists through those links.

News bulletins are posted on the website (in the news section), somewhere between daily and weekly (with the occasional two-week gap as your humble webmaster is on the road and away from network access). I admit it's more of a penguicon-oriented blog than anything else, but hey. :)

There is a #penguicon IRC channel on freenode, run by 'carbon' (David Simon), who says he's usually online 2PM to midnight PST. There may also be a bot named "SpocksBeard" you can get some info from, I don't know. (Ye Olde webmaster does not do IRC much. I have too many other time-sucking black holes to juggle.)

In terms of individuals you can email, the convention Chair is Tracy Worcester (tracy at, or tracywmail at She has the final say on everything, and if all else fails she's the person to bug.

People who report to Tracy include, in alphabetical order:
Michael AndaluzOps Wranglereatittoo at
Brendan DurrettTreasurerdudely427 at
Michael GriffinAnimeotaking at
John GuestGeek Wranglerphecda at
Steve GuttermanLUG WranglerSteveGutterman at
Susan HarrisProgramming Wranglerstargzr1 at
John HigginsConsuitejhiggins at
Karen KlinckArt Showkklinc at
Rob LandleyWebmaster, Marketing, Tech-side Co-founderrob at
Neal ProbertRoboticsnprobert at
Bill PuttMasquerade/Danceputtwill at
Jeff RoushProgram Bookalderfearn at
Richard TucholkaDealer's Roomtucholka at
Rob WarehallGamingpenguicongaming at

Our registration people (Jane Edgeworth and Rachael Lewis) are unfortunately not online at this time. (Hence no online registration this year. Sorry, nothing I can do about it.) They can be contacted by phone, email Tracy if you need to get in touch with them. If you want contact information for anybody else (transportation, gopher wrangler, green room, individual GOH liasons, etc) email Tracy.

If you want to volunteer for a panel, contact Susan Harris. If you want to buy a table in the dealer's room, contact Rich Tucholka.

If you want to buy an ad in the program book, contact Jeff Roush. He says that the program book will be 7" wide and 8.5" high, and ad rates are as follows:

Back Cover (6" wide by 7.5" high): $150
Full Page (6" x 7.5"): $100
Vertical Half Page (3" x 7.5"): $50
Horizontal Half Page (6" x 3.75"): $50
Quarter Page (3" x 3.75"): $30

The general web design was done by Spring Dew (who did it spontaneously while out sick from work, and who has no other connection with the con).